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A massive world that blends classic and innovative gaming elements

We are a pioneering 5X game that merges MMOSLG gameplay with
web3 elements, creating an innovative game without the boundaries between
traditional and blockchain games.

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Redefines 4X to
5X Game

The Last Odyssey ecosystem provides a full suite
of 5X gaming elements that enchances war battle experience

  • eXpand

    Players claim new territory, extend influence of existing settlements

  • eXploitx

    Players gather and use the resource in areas they control

  • eXplore

    Players send scouts across a map to reveal surrounding territories

  • eXterminate

    Players attack and eliminate rival players

  • eXcange

    Exchangeable in-game assets, decentralised governance

  • Dynamic

    Real Time Warfare

    Engage in real-time battles and conquer your enemies whenever
    the moment strikes.

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  • Legendary

    Command famous historical heroes as NFTs, leading your
    army to victory on the battlefield.

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  • Strategic

    Forge alliances with strategic allies to expand your territories and
    launch coordinated rally attacks against formidable foes.

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  • Expansive 160k
    Land NFTs

    Epic Conflict

    Immerse yourself in large-scale warfare across a sprawling
    continent, where over 10,000 commanders vie for supremacy
    over the Capital Throne.

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2024 Q1


  • Basic Alliance & Social Features
  • Design Concept of Heroes & Lands
  • Rally Attacks on Carcosa Monsters
  • Design Concept of Heroes, Lands, and Other In-game Assets

2024 Q2

Alpha Test

  • Hero NFTs Sale
  • Hero Talent Tree
  • Advanced Hero Battling System
  • Collaboration with Guilds & Communities

2024 Q3

Beta Test

  • Land NFTs Sale
  • Wallet Integration
  • Advanced features of Land NFTs
  • Extened Alliance Territory System

2024 Q4


  • Introduce Kingdoms vs Kingdoms
  • Massive PvP - NFT Realm Conquest
  • IAP features integrated with tokenomics
  • More


  • Gem NFTs Sale
  • Tournament Season Begins
  • And Even More !


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Media Kit

Download the Last Odyssey Game Deck as well as the Press Kit for branding assets.


To Be Announced soon, Stay Tuned!

Co-founder and CEO of Mugen Interactive
Executive Producer of Legend of Arcadia

Andy Lee

Experience in gaming, finance, and fintech

Previously led and built new strategic initiatives at WeLab, a leading fintech company with 50m+ registered users, including launching WeLab Bank (3rd largest digital bank in Hong Kong) and acquisition of Bank Jasa Jakarta in Indonesia.

Built multiple hit game titles at Lightspeed Studios at Tencent, with a broad range of casual and mid-core genres (sports, racing, autobattlers) that generated hundreds of millions of revenue and 1m+ DAU for all games

Former Associate Director, HK/China Equity at Julius Baer ● Former Investment Anlayst at Merrill Lynch

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University

Game Producer for Legend of Arcadia

Shawn Yu

10 years in gaming industry with 5 years specialising in game system design

5 years of game publishing experience in Hero Entertainment and Baidu Games, covering multiple genres in Card-based, RPG and shooting

Led core game design in 3D MMORPG series ‘Lost Temple’ and ‘Sky Change’

Published multiple hit game titles which top iOS and Android rankings in downloads, such as ‘Clash of Panzer: Tank Battle’

Head of Products at Legend of Arcadia

Alex Chong

3+ years of work experience in tokenomics design and crypto & NFTs research

Previously worked for a family office and a private fund house as a Crypto Research Analyst

Tech Lead at Legend of Arcadia

Jason Zheng

15 years of game development expert at Seasun Studios and Tencent Games, specialising casual and midcore genres

Participated to produce blockbuster titles in Tencent such as ‘Roco Kingdom’ series

Led gaming production in Top 10 iOS & Android Games, such as ‘Brave Cross’

All-rounded tech veteran in deploying high concurrent network, distributed solutions, system deployment, high performance database design, game engine optimisation (rendering, CPU functionality, internal storage, I/O)

5 years of blockchain engineering experience, including blockchain infrastructure, smart contract deployment and security

Cybersecurity expert at a top-tier global cybersecurity company

Lead Game Designer at Legend of Arcadia

Wei Su

Game developer with decades of experience in Seasun Studios, and produced titles with a combined monthly revenue of USD 10m

Pioneered the concept of action card-based battle and published ‘Brave Cross’ in 2015

Head of Growth
Operations and Management at Legend of Arcadia

Jacky Cheung

3+ Years of working experience in Web3 Project management

Led 2 successfully launched Web3 projects. Raised over 6 Million.

Art Director

Romy Luo

7+ Years of game art,with projects spanning various regions worldwide

2+Years experience in Gamefi, guided development and promotional art for several blockchain games.